Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Ohh well yesterday.

Funny thing happens I have been these recent months complaining about loving a girl but for some stupid situations nothing concretes, well I continue with the same problem but now with a new twist another girl ask me to be her boyfriend, this girl is a very nice person but I am not feeling that attracted to her, I will try to know her better but for some reason I am not really sure that I am the one she is expecting for..hahah well.

In other news there is a buzz about another mild devaluation at the end of the month in my country aside with a 5% of inflation taking in reference last month from last year, so I need to start looking for a steady job! (and now I have 3, can you imagine!!), our President is incredibly happy because it was a raise in the employment but I can not understand why He is happy for creating jobs that are mainly for working people in factories, so no jobs for people who attended school or have a technical approach, really sad . Right now the Congress is starting a new fight against the President because they do not really want to pact in the terms of the new budget plan in my country.

I hope some answers come at the end of this year and I start getting work in comics in an steady way.

I forgot to mention that since today and to the end of the month I am also available to develop cover work for music groups or bands.Pass the word to your friends maybe one might be interested.
I mean in case you have a band and you want a nice cover,design or art for your group, I guess I can have time to do so with some of my very good friends.
In case you are interested just drop me a mail!!.......see you around!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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