Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Experimenting with color paper. part Uno

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This day I have seen some incredible work done by Jim Lee. (I have to say that Mr. Lee is just amazing and I am so happy that He is becoming a complete artist in all the way).
Well after seeing some of his works in color paper with some wash work and acrylics.
I decided to do the same with a little twist.
1.-Is not my first time using color paper but is my first time using ink and pastel together so I hope the process has good results.
2.-I will take my time to finish the piece.
3.-I am taking it as an experiment so In case that the result is different to what I expect there is no problem at all.
4.-I decided to overwork the color of the paper and instead of using only 3 single colors, I will use as many as I can using the color of the paper to stablish the first pallete color of the skin.
5.-At this moment I do not even have an idea of what would it be the result.
6.-I started using white,green,pink,yellow, orange and brown as a first cover of color and I hope in the next image to have a big jump in the depth of the drawing..

Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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