Saturday, December 04, 2004

Design for Dummies. Part two. References.

To have the material to start studying,designing or trying to understand the motivator of the artist is also essential.
I wanted to add some info that is important specially for some artists.

And also to understand the work of Dali and the Macrocosmos he intentionally or not defined in his work.

Some of the rules I learn through time are.
1.-Design is always based in the three single and perfect shapes. CIRCLE,SQUARE AND TRIANGLE.
2.-One of the principles of designing is always to design in thirds or in 3, call it sequences of 3,usage of 3 elements in the composition,the usage of 3 colors (similar to what the movement of the Bahaus wanted to achieve) or the connection of 3 points, why the reason is simple, from the 3 basic shapes you can create those shapes infinitely(as much as you can). Sometimes the usage of designing using halves or sequences of two is good but not the best option because not all the compositions have to be symetrical, so sometimes it can be applied or not. and is more simple to get even numbers by using the odd number 3.
I guess there is also a reason from the vision of the person for some reason the brain always tries to pay attention to the center so When you design in thirds the brain works out the symetry and the balance.
You will see over time that even in the design provoked by the Chaos is even a symetry or sequence, in few words even in the most cluttered piece or work there is always a relation.

Concepts you have to know before explaining the relation in the work of Dali.

When you study Architecture You learn that the shapes I already refered have had special attention to people, they represent ideas and pre-conceptions that also will help me a lot explaning the work of this piece from Dali.

The medieval conceptions will help me also to explain the inner and hidden ideas that are in this piece of work done by Dali.
The Circle= for some cultures is the representation of the universe, probably the perfect shape and infinite.(well We will realized later in the 50's on that the perfect shapes are the domes and the shells from the Sea, but that will be another topic).See the work done in Mexico by Calatrava the incredible Spanish Architect, well I gotta be honest but Calatrava is now more in using the eskeleton and the basic unit to construct and design, that is one of the reasons of him using tensors and glass now).
The Square = that is the representation of how limited is our preconception of reality, so the square represents the humankind or the mortality.
The triangle= being the representation of the Divine Power and in some religious the representation of the Trinity.

have a good day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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