Monday, January 10, 2005


I received this message from my amigo so please read it!!!

Make sure to order your copy of "Rocket Girl" #2 in this month's "Previews"catalog (available at most comic book shops). You can find Pickle Press on page320. It's a mere $2.25 for lots of slapstick superhero romantic comedy as PollyHarris, AKA Rocket Girl, tries out her rocket gear for the first time and makes her first arch-enemy - Gravity Girl! Gorgeous artwork by Jesus Antonio Hernandez Rodriguez abounds, so don't miss out!

Nik Havert -Amigo, Writer, Hard worker, Renaissance manOwner/editor/big cheese of Pickle Press

So this year seems to be one of the best for Nik and I...Have a pleasant day!
ps:Yes, I continue with my computer problems...:) (I mean what Can I do? as Nik says this is turning a bit comical)-
Spread the word and buy your copy!!


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