Thursday, January 27, 2005

Polishing plans for life.

Checking into my old stuff Posted by Hello

Firstable about the piece this time I was searching for some papers and I found an very ver very very old drawing I did (a copy by the way I do not know where the original is) that I never finished, I will try to check where this old drawing is and try to finish it, the technique in case you ask is called Aguada , that is simple ink with water this is also possible to do it with coffee ( yes coffee!!), anyway I will try to track this drawing and see If I can finish.
I am polishing some of the plans for Luchador and I am starting the serious work in penciling and then coloring the pages. BTW thank you Nik again and again for being the person you are!!.
I am getting a lot tired with the schedule I am having now I hope to adapt myself soon and in case that is difficult for me to eliminate what I do not want to have anymore (I mean at least to reduce some classes).
Pedro how is everything going?
About love well ...... I have no clue yet!! :)
Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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