Monday, January 31, 2005

From Indigo to Crystal using the golden route.

Well it was a really odd day I am not saying nasty at all but in fact I was expecting something much better, sorry for the rant but this is about attitude, I started today at that school I say before a little preppy and top notch school btw, but I have to be honest I do really need that money.
Well the attitude of the boys and girls (Mommy and Daddy boys and girls)was to challenge me and try to make me feel like stupid, I normally act in a Zen way but today I was about to crack I was even finger pointed by one. (Thanfully it was not the middle finger..:)!! ).
I do not really know what to think this time I was expecting to find leaders or fighters over there and I got a more terrible picture that I thought. I am not saying this boys and girls are bad but I was expecting a little torch lighted on their eyes, now I need to re-agroup and redifine how to approach them.
I am sure that I will be someone special to them by the time but right now they were just a tiny itch in my ass.
If you are a devoted fan of my work, a friend, and editor, a lurker please do me a favor show my work to anyone you can, promote my work, maybe a kind person might be interested in my comic work so I can definitely stop my teaching (I am not saying I am fed up but I really want to stop working doing this, for the rest of my life....!).
About the tittle well now I am working on that.
About love....hahaha today I have some answers I just only hope they are good.
About Luchador I have sent an image to Nik the one that is below We are just defining characters and probably in a couple of days I will give him more info into the plans.
Have a great creative time!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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