Friday, January 28, 2005

Design for Dummies. Part Four. A new imput.

I will of course continue with the study of Dali`s Last Supper" in the following days (see the archives of December to see the other three parts) because I am now totaly involved with my classes and with Luchador and well also the work that the kind Pedro and I will do.
But I wanted to share something about some of my prior concepts about Simbology that would be the next step in the study, I always felt the drawing , designing,creating or painting has an inner energy called by many in different ways, some people see themselves as just a medium so they can connect at the right time and right moment, some others think that creativity has an spiritual halo that gives the approval to create, others think that creativity is just to find another way to say something that was before said, others concentrate in the creativity as a matter of practice and I only CAN SAY EVERYBODY IS RIGHT.
The only point here is to develop your own criteria or path to create, I am telling you this because I always thought that words are designs, designs are images and images are conceptions of what We see of reality or unreality, so I always assume that simbology has its own inner energy.
And also today I learnt that what I was thinking about simbology was always right but now there are many NEW other ways to understand the same, so once in a while as I said before to a friend " learn.... learn from everywhere and when you finally think you know forget everything and lose yourself and follow your intution to create".
Have a pleasant day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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