Friday, January 21, 2005

The fool of me.

fool Posted by Hello

Today I heard that Maradona accepted that 14 years ago in a World cup in the final Brazil vs Argentina, the coach intentionally drugged the brazilian players by giving them some water and in the water a lot of drugs on it.
Again Mexico has lost about 3 million of employments and According to what Fox used to say He promised to have every year at least a million and a half of new jobs, so according to my primitive math he had to create in 6 years over 11 million jobs thing that never happened.
The inflation was of 8% this month in reference to the same month last year.
Our country depends of the money coming abroad from our country men living in USA in real terms the money We receive is about 30% of the total money received in our country.
I will receive a book I was waiting to have !!!
So well I am just a fool wandering with a real path!!!!..have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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