Monday, January 31, 2005


I never expected to say that today but I just feel really blue with my heart just broken, sometimes it seems that being nice is equal to being dumb or even worse to look like I have a lack of character.
Today She was telling about the date she had with her ex-love and just told me that She didn`t have enoug time to give a closure to the situation..that means that She still hasn`t made her mind up, well that was not the part where I really felt dumb , She mentioned another person ( a crush on somebody else) so I was stupidly thinking what the f*** am I doing here?, there are some few times that I feel so dumb and stupid, ( I even wanted to cry but I prefer to rant about it and take it out of my chest, so I am sorry in advance for the little moment).
Just have a great time and If you can have some time and keep me in your prayers so I can definitely take the obvious decision.
ps:haha If happens that you are agnostic just wish me luck!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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