Monday, January 24, 2005


Time is up!! Posted by Hello

I wanted to share this time one of my favorite images from Harold (did you know that He didn`t have some of his fingers in one of his hands?).
I remember that when I was young (not that long ago btw) I loved to wake up early Saturday morning to watch some of the episodes of Harold Lloyd with some churros and cocoa milk next to me, this is also one of my favorite chapters when he is running away and is hanging from the clock!! a real classic.
Abou me well some tiny news.
The girl I liked is going to have a resolution soon from what I heard so as my dear friend Tim said any good or bad resolution but at least I will finally know how to interact with her.
I haven`t received any news about the scholarship or Spain.
I will finally post more material from Luchador in some days!!
The technician will finally visit me home next week (mmmm I hope)
I received an incredible X-mas card (yeah today!! funny isn`t it?).

Have a pleasant day and keep me in your prayers!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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