Saturday, January 15, 2005

I still haven`t found what I am looking for..

Yeah right I have been listening to an old U2 album, so what?
Yesterday seemed like a great day, I am seeing the girl I like a lot (While We were in the bus chit chatting She put her head over my shoulder and damn! I just melted!!....(yeah,the girl I drew last month, for reference check in the archives and see her portrait..a real beauty for me) well I dunno undertand chicks I mean She continues knowing me as friends, I haven`t made any move yet, I will wait for another month and If I do not see any response I will move on (haha I have been saying the same for about two months...I hope at least to keep my promise this time).

Tomorrow I will start the write some reports I need to do, and also starting writing a project to ask for an scholarship and receive some economical help to continue drawing and painting, and also I have a big load of mails to answer back and ask for comic please wish me luck!!!

ps:yeah! my computer is broken (R.I.P). so well what can I do!?
ps2:next week I will post new work, hopefully from now on will be only sequential work with the project Nik and I have in developments.
ps3:Tim I already received the mails just give me this week to send you the responses.

Guys by the way look for the inking work that the great Timothy Shadow is doing recently, and his creation Hope 7 that is in works!...Great day to everybody!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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