Friday, February 04, 2005

Comic creator till the day I die

I was watching a long interview with Tom Hanks and I really liked the words He said at the end of his interview in relation to how to balance the reality and the expections in life, I mean he didn`t say comic creator he said actor instead but I guess it works the concept for me.
I still have problems in that school (the one I started early this week) but funny to say but is much brighter the way, I am having the principal of that school as my backup so till new notice I will have the problematical stupid students I have out my classes till they give me good reasons to return to my class (I am so sorry I can not give my regular teaching to them but well it seems sometimes that this kind of places are only to take care of children same as a nursery school).
Love well no news about it....well I care but at the same time I don`t want to care.
Comic Work, I continue tomorrow with the next pages of Luchador and Nik and I have some pretty funny characters in the developments,btw I will reply to him tomorrow!!
I learn how to make an new effect with ink and razors and also with some fabric!!
I have more stuff to say but tomorrow will be the day to do so!!
Have a great time!!...JESUS ANTONIO

PS:My birthday is coming!!!

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