Sunday, February 25, 2007

Do You Think I'm Six-y?

Do You Think I'm Six-y?
Hmmm. 6 Strange things about me?
Like Wondy!! BTW I am really loving The Mighty Boosh...damn those guys are amazing!

Let's see:
I don't go in the water because once I was drowning, and haven't properly since I was about 7.
When I was young I used to have an art teacher with some weird connections who let us go to the morgue to draw.
When I was a kid I was an acholyt from maybe the fanciest church in my town (Yeaph!!
that little boy helping in the catholic religious ceremony).
I hate Disney movies, (yeaph! my trauma was to see how Bambi´s Mother was killed), all of them, in fact I had the chance to work 2 times for different branches for Disney as part of the staff in my country and I never accepted.
People think I am really talkactive but in fact I am really shy!

Have a great Day!!



wondy woman said...

You might be happy to know you have been awarded a Wondy: got to to see!

sands of time said...

Is that Flash in the pic