Saturday, February 17, 2007

Love for Dummies. The Experiment.Updated!!!

Well this is going to be my experiment, tomorrow I have something to do in the morning and I will not tell anything to anyone or anybody till tomorrow night when I already know what the situation is to start talking.
The experiment is to wait and not to expect anything till everything expect an update when everything is at least in one direction or the other.
Wish me Luck!!!!
Well maybe what I am going to say this time is going to be quite different from what I have written before.
Have you ever dated someone without high or low expectations, good or bad intentions?
This is me now, I have to say this girl is really nice, She is not beautiful but not ugly, I really like her way of thinking and that is what I am attracted to...We have nice fact...really good!!!!!, and We get along quite good!!
For the first time in ages I am going to start going out with a girl and to be honest I haven´t even thought of her in a negative or a positive way, or picturing myself with her or not...I am only trying to let the time tell everything.
If we last long great for me, If it doesn´t happen good for me!!! She knows I am leaving for some months hometown (Spain, USA and If I have some extra cash UK and Brujas) and from what I heard She wants to study English and go out to Canada, so I am not with that pressure I normally feel, and besides that She is behaving so understanding in some issues I have for now.
Are We boyfriend or girlfriend...?...nope..We haven´t talk about it!!!...I guess We are trying to know eachother, I do not want to set her in a pedestal or to have good or bad impressions of her not at this moment.
I still do not know If it is okey to think or to be in this way with her...only time will tell!!
Have a great day!!!


wondy woman said...

Ooh the intrigue, I can't wait!

wondy woman said...

That's a great attitude to have JA, see how it goes and just enjoy your time together - everybody should think like that!

Good luck x

sands of time said...

Just go with the flow i say.You never know where it will go.
Kisses to you