Monday, February 05, 2007

Goth Faces to Face Reality

This is the character of a nice 3D designer I know and to be honest I can see a lot of potential to this character, in fact I am trying to figure out a character with such a strength as this one at least in the designing process so I can use it eventually in a goth story to work in the future.
The character is not mine as I said but it was fun to warm my fingers drawing this sexy goth girl called Mazscara.
I hope tomorrow to send a link to his website.
I am now owing some character files to David and Toño, some Cover and sequentials to Dan, now some posters for some friends so I need to keep myself focus and busy.
Also I am behind my work on my thesis so tomorrow I am seeing a friend who is going to help me with the architectonical plans to work before March so I can start my checks in.
I am still a bit down but I hope to forget about lousy stuff, mainly the way people think, during the week.
Tomorrow I am convincing a friend of mine over Las Luchas to design his mask and outfit (seems I discovered he is a Mexican Wrestler that is starting so I want to help him).

Great day!!


ps: Wondy and Heather...I Love you gals!!! :)

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