Friday, February 23, 2007


This is Mayorick a character from EVIL WAR written by the nice David Braña and drawn by truly yours.
I have to be honest and say that I found this character and the way that David wrote it as the perfect match to a character I created when I was in high school, back in those days I created a character that was called Jude and used to live in a chaotic futuristic world, similarly as Mayorick does, so I decided to used the look of that old character for Mayorick, the only difference is that I draw this time Mayorick a bit bulkier as it was Jude, and I am thinking in talking to David about getting this character to confront decandence and lose weight as long as the story goes so it resembles my old character!! Mayorick has grey hair.

David sigo poniendome a mano!!! Tocayo sigue atento, cuando mande 3 diseños mas te mandare los scans que te prometi!!

Have a great Day and receive hugs all of you!


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David Braña said...

Hola Jesús!! Pues ambos diseños me gustan!! Espero seguir viendo más en breve :D Esto tiene buena pinta!!! Un abrazo.