Sunday, February 18, 2007

Luchas Night...!

These are the shots I could take over last Friday in Las Luchas, it is becoming like a great place nowadays to have fun, this time not because of the fights because to be honest were not so good this time in fact the wrestler I really wanted to see cancelled, so Pierrot Jr (the guy with the britney signal) came instead.
The only good things worth mentioning are that one of the guys on the Arena invited us the Sodas and the Beers, and one guy there helped me to have my mask signed by the two Huracan Ramirez´s wrestlers.
This Tuesday is Luchas day again so expect a review!!
Have a great weekend!!
ps:I was giggling when I saw picture number two (the one showing the signatures), maybe I am really sick but the photo reminded me something else...hahahahaha..damn...I am really sick!! :)

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