Sunday, February 11, 2007

Some decades ago.

Today I woke up a bit exhausted, and in fact I didn´t do too much, I was today trying to search for some stuff I need to start the Cover from the proposal, and by now I have a very good idea of what is going to be at the end.
Mom fell and hit in her hands and her teeth but thankfully it was nothing serious, the bad part is that my Dad with all the turmoil lost his jacket with some papers He was in need but I guess He already called the bank to cancel his plastics before something else happens, so it was a regular day.
I have a mild headache but I guess it is because of the situation with Mom.
I was told by my friend that this week I will receive the architectonical plans to start the checks in with my advisor, I am receiving the masks this Friday,I have to send some papers to the school where I work to get paid this end of the month, I need to send some papers and artwork to friends in Spain and USA and start talking to Christina about the webpage and also to pay some dues I have.
Have a great day all of you and thanks for all the support over the years and I am really intrigued about tomorrow, I have the sensation that it will be a very good day!!!


PS:I never saw this Poster from Ufa´s Metropolis!! enjoy!!!

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sands of time said...

Sorry about your mothers fall.I hope shes alright now.