Saturday, February 10, 2007

Sunrise over the hill.

Well I have many comments to make today, firstable I want to thank the people who is starting to send me mails wishing me a Happy Birthday!!! (My birthday will be this Monday and some friends are preparing a nice party to me (I hope to get some nice pictures of the moment, so probably I won´t post over the following days!!) Damn I will be 32 years old!!!.
I was talking to one of my best friends yesterday and We will try to open our own architecture and design office as soon as We both get the Bachelors (that gives me another goal to tramit the paper work as soon as possible), He is kindly helping me with the plans !! Yay!!. My sister in law is also telling me that She will be cooking something special for my Birthday!!
Dan I really appreciate the phone call and I will try to finish tomorrow the Cover for the proposal...thank you and please recover soon (So guys expect it to be loaded here and it will be the only piece I will post till the approvals and thumbs up).
Did I mention that someone kissed me today!!??.... I will write a Love for Dummies when I have something concrete to say (in some weeks or months!! If something happens of course)...:).
Did I mention that next Friday is Luchas day!!!?

Have a nice pleasant day!!


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sands of time said...

Happy Birthday Jesus Antonio hope you have a great day.