Tuesday, February 20, 2007


This is one of those incredible projects I am involved now,THE UNWANTED.
Dan DePrez is the writer, I can not say too much about the Comic for now, I only can say that has horror and it is really hilarious!!!!!
This is the only page I can and will load till there are good news to share!!! Sorry guys!!

As some of you know I will start working on the pages of Rocket Girl written by my amigo Nik Havert (I already received the script), THE UNWANTED and ROCKET GIRL are the projects I foresee myself WORKING in the long run for the American Market aside other work that will appeared eventually, then I have the work I foresee myself WORKING in Spain with David BraƱa, Victor Alos, Anita Raven and the amazing Pedro L. Lopez and my own personal projects so as you can see I soon as I am done with my Thesis, I will devote MYSELF and BE BUSY with Comic Artwork.
Have a great Day!!
Update..celebrate with me the Birthday 40th of Kurt!!!
Damn Yoko Ono...ooopppsss sorry I mean Cortney Love!!!

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