Thursday, February 15, 2007

My Valentine´s Day.

As you can see I had a nice time over the Stadium, I mean to be my first time and the first time of Carlos(my nephew), it was really fun specially the enviroment, the referee didn´t count the only goal scored by Gallos (the hometown´s team) probably because there are many things around: some people say that this is the last time the team is in first division, the other is that they want to change the place and change the name for next year even though the directives say the that it is not true (hopefully it won´t happen because for the first time the place has good market place and fans), and the other theory is that they already sold the team to an investor over the north, who knows but the referee was not fair besides that I liked everything else on the place.
I am taking the whole week for me, I really needed some time to rest, I have been working a lot lately to get some money for the plans so I am really enjoying this week..and tomorrow is.....!!
Luchas!!! Luchas!!!
Have a nice day!!

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