Sunday, February 25, 2007

Love for Dummies: Emotional or Mature.

Hey guys, well I have a lot of things to say this time but I guess I will start the topic with a Love for Dummies section.
I am still dating this new girl and as I said before I am trying to know her and for the first time I am not with that stupid mind-freak control mode I normally apply to myself, in fact I haven´t picture anything wrong or good about this relation, I have to say that I like her and as I said it is more about her perspective and her maturity, I am really impressed about the way YOU girls mature, You are always ahead of us.
She has been in a harsh really harsh enviroment and full of lacks (emotional, educational and economical ones) that is probably one of the things I like of her because I can relate. I have to be honest but I haven´t picture her in the long run not even in the short but as I was telling her I am really grateful to her because I am closing some things I didn´t expect and also for the fact of giving myself the chance to be with her and NOT to be a rack of nerves.
One of the things We were talking while being together is that I will be flat and straight to her if anything good or bad comes in the future, because one of the things She was amuzed is to know why at the age of thirty-something I was not married or at least with children, and I was telling her that it was a matter of giving priorities and to try not to fool people, just a matter of reciprocity,I still dunno If I did right but in the conversation came out that in this moment I am trying to know her and that at this moment of the situation I do not have any expectation.
I mean I have my own agenda (and she has hers) at the moment and If She is there fine for me, If she is not there fine for me, but I will let her know as soon as possible, not to fool her or to fool me.

Have a great day!!

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sands of time said...

Im really happy things are going well for you