Tuesday, February 06, 2007

You are for me.

For a weird reason I really like this song a lot from Julieta Venegas aside Anita Tijoux.
The video is HORRIBLE and CHEAP but the song is really good!!

"You are for me,
The wind has told me so,
I heard it all the time" (it is one of the strong phrases over the song)!!!!


Enjoy the music not the video!!! :)

Just to make amends with you guys after the horrible video you saw (the music of Venegas is great sad She chose this lousy director for her video!!!).
Well, I am showing you the video that really made my childhood in terms of me wanting to be a Comic Book Illustrator!


This is another video from Anita Tijoux and Julieta Venegas!! A much better video and different song!!

Have a great Day!!


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