Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valiant or Valentine.

Firstable the review of yesterday, to be honest it was not an incredible day but it fact it was a really pleasant one!!.
I received one phone call at midnight the first minutes of the morning to say Happy Birthday to me from a nice girl (nothing romantic at least from my side), then I received an ice popcicle that is one of my favorite ones from my nephew!! :).Glossy lips gave me a hug and a popcicle (to be honest I was not even hurt or angry for the detail, I just took it as a nice gesture and that is all)
Then I received only two phone calls and some text messages from friends and some emails. June thanks for the card!!.Nik also thanks for the comment and the wishing (I am sure this will be our year too!!).
Then I had a nice reunion in the Evening, to be honest I am a very lousy host when I am in a party and I am the host or the one celebrated, people normally think I have my act done (I mean in my classes I am really outgoing and hyperactive but in my regular life I am more like the quiet guy and I get nervous when hosting and also I still dunno why I am not really fond of dancing) so the reunion lasted 3 hours and it was with my students and I really enjoyed the time a lot, it ended a little earlier as I expected but I had over the party very good friends of mine. Then My advisor and teacher came home to hug me for my birthday and also to ask me to buy him a Lucha ticket for next Tuesday, so I had to wake up really early and stay in line for 5 hours to get my tickets and his too. So I am having Luchas day this Friday and also Next Tuesday!!!
About Tomorrow..well...My Valentine´s Day will be IN THE STADIUM!!!!! I am going for the first time to a stadium to watch a soccer game with my Family!!!.
Expect new work over the days!!!

Have a great Day!!

I almost forgot a very good detail I had today early morning from someone, I took a taxi to go to the Arena to buy my tickets and in the taxi while having the conversation, I was telling the guy driving that I really liked the mix and the music on his CD, and guess what..??!!.
He kindly gave me his CD for free!! A very good detail that made my day..not the object but the gesture!!!


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sands of time said...

Happy valentines day to you