Friday, February 02, 2007

Those dirty little things I like to do in the dark.

These are the last recommendations for the week, I am really enjoying the new cd of DIRTY PRETTY THINGS, Waterloo seems a flawless track and I am really enjoying their music since their last Cd.
The Stills is that kind of band that you know You are going to like, They know their mastery and this is a very solid CD. Seems for me that WITHOUT FEATHERS is the consolidation Cd for them.

I do not know but I have a strange feeling with the band, it is a weird mixed of The Coral, The Streets and The strokes and in fact it is a really great band that rock-skied with the single "I bet you look Good on the Dancefloor", I didn´t have the time to check this Cd before and I got the first impression that this will be a nice strokish band, but after listening to the Cd I can say that is a good album but not to the point to recommend it, probably it is just what happened to me with The Strokes, the first album was amazing but after listening to it several times I loved it, probably I need to listen to this CD more times to have a final word, but at the first glance I was not really shocked as I was expecting, in fact I was more amuzed with the CD of The Rapture.
Have a great day!!

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