Friday, September 03, 2004

The`s and Horror ...

Horror time!!! Posted by Hello

As I posted before the secret project of a friend is coming quite well, I am starting to revisit and check the flaws in my horror story.
I am trying to keep all the attention to the story and subplots specially considering I want the story to be in Spanish and English, so is quite difficult because I am trying not to lose the spirit of the story in the translations.
Right here is the image of one of the main characters playing in my Universe.
Nik is preparing a sypnosis of a story We are going to work together called the Cult.
I am also working a mid speed in the pages of The Luchador (another project by the nice folks of Nik and Me).
I will also send some proposals to some friends.
I am hoping the pages I sent to Spain are lettered before the deadline We used to have.

Music I listened yesterday
Andrea Parker

Music I am listening today..
The Warlocks
The Vines
The Strokes
The Hives
The vines
The White Stripes
The Yardbirds

Special attention as always with new groups like Keane,The Coral (is a hilarious group!!) and one of my favorite performers Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (sexy chick!!).

I still have more news but tomorrow will be good...see ya!!.


South Yarra Steve said...


I think you are extremely talented - I will be famous as a writer and I am sure you will achieve fame with your 'do or die' attitude! Keep Happy cheers Steve

antonio said...

Hey!!! South Yarra Steve good to meet you and thank you so much for your kind words believe sometimes I really need those words, I really hope you get famous, and I hope the same to me, as you said my attitude and stubborness will help me to reach least is my plan..hahah.. I will check your blog tomorrow when I have some time..please come back oftenly to say hello!!...JESUS ANTONIO