Monday, September 06, 2004

Colors and Clorux

Today was a different day I guess I am at the middle of a project and I just can`t find the right pose or feature to really get inspired and draw, but I learned a new technique that my Mom taught me just today.(No, my Mother is not an artist,but She knows some tricks about fake jewls and some ways to paint pottery)
The piece is at 50% and I wanted to get a japanese style and I guess I am doing what I want,also It seems that textile colors and a little of Clorux can do miracles.

Yes, I also watched a movie "The Iron mask" by Fairbanks. Yes, a silent movie and I didn`t really wanted to watch it but I got trapped by the first 5 minutes and suddenly time came and I was watching the movie for entire.
I recently watched at home the "Last Samurai" yes, the movie based on the british series and I liked the movie a lot!!.
And I watched again 4 days ago "When Larry meets Sally" (I hope is the right name!), it has maybe one of the smartest scripts I have ever watched.
Today is a free day, no classes nothing at all so I want to finish the cover and backcover of the project I am in.

About music I got a cd of U.N.K.L.E ( a friend burned it for me!!) and it sounds good!!
I also heard that Bjork has a new album so I need to ask for the info.

About links ..this is one of my favorite ones (is in Spanish, sorry!!).
Right here is one of the finest comediants in my country hope you like his extravaganza, He is just smart and funny!!..

Have a great day!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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