Friday, September 17, 2004

My process to work.

Batman pencil detail!. Posted by Hello

After posting the inked Batman I did I wonder why not to start a submission with him right away so I also believe that If I want something I gotta act first.
This is my sort of process in the creation.
1.-I normally take my time to think on a specific pose or intention to cover in the design.
2.-I never draw a first drawing as sketch. I prefer to work on the page and if there is an error I take it as learning.
3.I start drawing the basic lines and in this case with this cover I start shadowing the pencils. I noramlly have the tendency to not shadow the pencils so the inker can have all the liberty to give its own personality, but Here I will be extremely tight in the line work.
4.-I am sure I will modify many things but this is what I got so far..Hope you enjoy it!

I honestly do not want to say this is the correct process (in fact is the wrong one) but is the process that works for me: Havea great day and see you in a couple of days.
I will rest two days off so see ya...JESUS ANTONIO

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