Monday, September 20, 2004

Cover to do (last part)

The final piece..JESUS ANTONIO Posted by Hello

this weekend was hell of a ride of emotions ups and downs but I guess now I feel quite well.

1.-I received an incredible CD from one of my favorite people ever also a great friend from UK.
I loved the pipe music on it, it was a CD with a lot of good folks songs.
Lovely!!(also a hilarious comic included)
2.-I receive nice e-mails from friends in Spain.
3.-I watched Steamboat Bill Jr. a beautiful movie by Buster Keaton.

I was a little angry and feeling a bit stupid (I had another stupid situation but well nothing really big).

Latest news!!!

My house and my Association has the new update to the site and it looks incredible!!! (is in spanish the link..sorry guys!!)

Nik my good fella in this journey told me that Rocket Girl 2 is already what are you waiting for go to and order your copy.!!!!!

have a great day!!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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