Saturday, September 11, 2004


I am writing this also as a reminder to myself of what I want in the future to do.
I was trying (during this last couple of weeks) to find some stories to write in the future and I guess I found a story to tell, I hope in a couple of weeks (after I am done with some deadlines and also my horror project) to write the essential plot of the story.
I was sleeping when I got the idea after watching a movie.
Weird and odd ways the mind works ...Have you had a similar situation?

Trivia time.
Do you know who Dolores Haze is or what I am talking about?
Well that is the main idea of the story I want to write.
In case you guess and give me an idea of what you suppose will talk the story about You get a free prize when everything is done!!...Best..JESUS ANTONIO

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