Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Independence Day a way to be patriotic!

I was thinking seriously about making this little rant about Patriotism, specially that tomorrow will be the most important day in my country.
I was about to tell something about the Independence in my country but I got into the same conclusion that it all started as a movement based on fear, remember that Napoleon conquered Spain so the Criollos (Spaniards born in the Nueva EspaƱa or Mexico) decided to move against and try not to be in the orders of Napoleon and his family, well the conspiracy as it is called started in 1810 exactly in my hometown, well this movement wound up as a libertarian movement that originally never was. Yes, I know many people still believe that the independence was from its beginning to get freedom to the Colony, but little by little people is starting to understand the reality on the matter.

What have we obtained after all this time?
Many liberties and as a mixed culture, we developed our own way of seeing things.We have nurture so many cultures here and that is what makes us rich in traditions and culture.

What do We have now from the new goverments?
I always listen the same words...Free speech and Freedom.Stability and so forth.
but We still have many problems
There are more than 6 million people living in extreme poverty
The amount of new jobs accordingly to the new goverment said that would be over a million jobs every year, and the reality is that only 1 million and a half has been created in over 4 years.
The goverment bet everything in the Micro Economy that represents probaly 30% of the basic Economy now(non regulated businesses, freelancing, etc) and they still have no clue that you can not make a person to open a business If it is not educated properly.
They say We have free speech and in fact We have Freee speech and liberty to express what we want but my question is always the same..What If I have my free speech but I am not listened or I am ignored.
We still depend in other Economies.

I am not saying I am against the goverment on the contrary I really gave my two minutes of Faith to the system but It is also sad that our president is full of good intentions but his temper is not helping at all, the funny part is that the majority of the mexicans Can say that He is a nice person but was to naive to control a country that had passed over 71 years of dictatorial one-party power.
My country is incredible and the people is the only one that is really keeping the vassel tight.
I really hope my country finds the way to recognize that the idea is to open doors to the dialogue.

Have a great day!!!!
ps:I normally do not get into politics because I gotta be frank I am really opinionated but I really wanted to say this.


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