Thursday, September 09, 2004

1131931 Visual Achievement!!

Well seems that was a bit difficult to know the answer, It is the date that F.W. Murnau die. I have been checking some of the work from Murnau that I am really intrigued and I would be happy to see some I do not have.
From his famous movies Nosferatu is the one that withstands by itself but there were more memorable ones, for example Faust that is great!! (there is one of the scenes where the Evil makes the pact with blood and appears in a piece of paper the contract in burning bold letters, and incredible scene from that movie).I am sure someday I will have the chance to see also Taboo and Spiders.
And in special a movie called DER LETZTE MANN "The last laugh".
I have only seen some of the shorts coming from that picture and I really got in love with the camera angles that He created and pretty innovative for its own time We are talking of 1924, He ven created for the movie a kind of tiny swing or ferry to transport the camera, and also filmed in an adapted bicycle and camera some scenes from the Hotel.
In case someone is interested I trade comission work for silent movies!!!

Okey into my work..
Pedro and I continue with promoting IN NOMINE., and have some proposals working.
Nik and I continue the process of working in the proposal of The Cult and I am working in the panels of The Luchador!.Today I will finish 2 characters for Cult and hopefully another page of the Luchador!.
I am starting to write something for one of my own projects called Third Death (the horror story I mentioned before).
Today will be dedicated to send mails and thank you mails to friends.
I need also to prepare a sequential this weekend.
Have a great time and see you ...JESUS ANTONIO

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