Saturday, September 04, 2004

Hahahahaha or sort of.

Mmm Today I was in a blind date... Why?..Search me!!
Well a nice friend told in someone about me and She (the girl I dated) ask me out, She is not uggly I might say She is cute in a way(not really my style but cute), perky body, (I am listening Portishead "Seven Months"now!!).
We went downtown and...She was the 90 % of the conversation, everytime I wanted to say something smart or nice, she was again in the command of the conversation, yeah!.. You might guess She was talking about her entire life (If you ask me now I can even name places and names, she is not a bad person I just couldn`t relate as I wished.
The funny part is that while I was downtown I saw a girl I like a lot, a lot!!..but she was with her boyfriend can you believe it. (Wax Poetic has a song with Norah Jones called "Angels" weird and beautiful .)
Well coming back to the date, I just can`t say I lost my time but at the same time I can not say I had a blast!....the funny part was to mention I drew comics, in my 10% of my time There was a moment were a was bummed (She even started to talk about ex-boyfriends..well).
Maybe next time it might be better!!..
On other topics..I received a blessing mail giving Pedro and I a bit more of time for the deadline, I just hope the lettering is done on time!.
I will use the night to draw the characters of the proposal Nik and I are developing called the Cult.
I will buy some material tomorrow and draw a pastel for another proposal to a printer and catch up with my mailing(Hooverphonic is also another good recommendation to listen specially "2 wicky")

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