Thursday, September 02, 2004

Manga and French author.

I gotta be quite frank about the matter.... Manga as We normally see it in the market with people of big eyes and lame storylines is not really my taste, but instead I found the Manga I liked that is more realistic, examples Akira.
Well there is an author that draws Manga that I love a lot, in reality what he does is called Nouvelle Manga in short terms "Nouvelle Manga" is Manga done by foreigners and esencially instead of using superheroes plots, is going deeper in the search of an author plot that can satisfy both Men and Women, by the usage of real life stories that can touch you heart.

The author is Frederic Boilet, is French. Try to check Yukiko`s spinach done last year and from what I heard of a nice friend and editor , He has a new graphic novel in his pocket.
He even has a Manifesto of Nouvelle Manga pretty interesting BTW

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