Sunday, September 12, 2004

Loaded in the Real world.

I have this day free so I am probably ending some of the characters from the proposal Today,I have been giving some time to this because I am also working in some Mecha and Technology that will be the trademark of the whole concept of The Cult. (I hope!).
Guys visit Nik Havert`s place to see what We are doing together.
Then I want to just hang out today, I will visit a small Mall near home and check If there is a new CD I want.
I gotta finish to ink also a proposal and draw a risquè page I need to do to show an editor what he ask us (Pedro and I).

Two days ago I met a girl and well I gotta say She was "sabrosa" "hot", she asked me why I am not married yet, at it was kind of hard to explain that part because I know that with the projects I have and my goals... to have a stablished couple is sincerely not a top priority. Hahaha in this part maybe Nik will crack in laughter (because He knows this and also knows that I always have weird dates or unexpected results hahaha.)
I mean at least in my country everybody is used to normal vocations or careers to earn good money and as a comic book ilustrator the options are ZERO, so being honest I cannot ask a girl to try to undertand that this part of my life involves a little bit more of economical sacrifice to start getting the rewards in cash terms in the future, and also I always get the cheese line:

"Okey, I know that your Hobby is to draw (hobby!!!??? this is the part where I say : yikes,geez,damn!), so what do you really want to do with your life....."

Of course I want to be loved and understood but that is part of another rant.
Do I have to say that the girl lost interest after telling her I am a comic book creator...hahah her loss I guess..hahahahah

Finally I am including a link I like a lot!!

Have a great day and see ya!!....JESUS ANTONIO

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