Thursday, September 23, 2004

Back in track and many issues to talk.

Well I got a little sick...I stupidly caught cold and until today I had some time, feel better and hope to get in track as soon as possible.


Nik Havert has already given sent the first sypnosis of The Cult, so wish us luck and I hope I can move it with some friends and contacts.
I am a little behind in schedule (because of the sickness) in some inking I need to do as sampling for the proposal I talked some days ago.
I am working in the pages of Luchador!
I am starting to read some books I always wanted to read from Nietzche.( I hope to buy "El Alquimista" by Paolo Cohelo), to prepare some ideas to use in The Cult and Third Death.
I already made a decision about the Convention in Texas.

Other funny well in fact is dumb information yesterday INEGI reported that the unemployment in the month of August was 4.35% the biggest one in more than 7 years and the inflation has reached the level of 5%.Well the funny part part is that my goverment was very happy because they created over 400,000 new jobs, I almost chuckle because everytime the President wants to show off something there is always someone in the Goverment contradicting the good news.
The only good thing is that The President is starting to have soem dialogues with all the parties in the country a good sign but not enough.

see you and back in track!!..JESUS ANTONIO

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