Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The corner. Ioannes Ensis SPANISH CREATOR

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I decided to give another name to the section in fact i was about to write RED,ORANGE,RED but I notice that more friends from different countries might like better to have The corner as the section to give news about my friends and people I like or admire.

Ioannes Ensis is a nice creator from Spain and trying to break as many of us. His name is Juan Spadas so Ioannes Ensis is the same but in latin (nice touch by the way!!).He says he decided to use his name in that way because He felt as a monk (the kind of monk just devoted to color the old ancient books),so he said that from drawing the bottoms and ups of notebooks was the first way end up drawing comic books.
He will become a nice creator by the time believe guys keep an eye on the work of Ensis.
a very nice person and I am sure I will call him friend in the short time.

(just a reminder as usual I am posting the links that my friends are giving me so please understand that sometimes I do not control the info on the pages, just enjoy the work!!)

Links to see his work.
his new blog

The spanish version is here
Ioannes Ensis es Juan Espadas, que es mi nombre, en latín. Esto es porque de pequeño era como los monjes iluminadores... todo el día haciendo dibujillos en los margenes de los libros. De ahí a los tebeos sólo había un paso. Ahora trato de promocionar mi trabajo y hacerme un huequito en este mundo tan difícil con esfuerzo e ilusión.

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Have a great day!!......JESUS ANTONIO

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