Sunday, October 03, 2004

Inking the process (My process) part one

Thor! Posted by Hello

Well I will give this drawing as a gift to a nice person who has been incredible with me in the last past week, so I also wanted to use this image to show more or less my process.

1.-Firstable before drawing it, I realized the person might be happy If I use a pose by the amazing Jack Kirby (I know I do not like to copy poses, but as I said before this time I am making an exception because the guy has been so nice and I know this will be meaningul to him).
He will receive this week this puppy in pencils!.As you can see I didn`t tight the pencil work this time.
2.-The second part might be the challenge by itself I normally ink using markers, so this time I will try to ink the piece( for me) only with brushes, so it will be a personal challenge because I do not use brushes at all in inking, I know a friend of mine who will be hapy to see the brush work
3.-If I get some money I am expecting to blueline the page and this week show the process in inking!!.

If you wonder why I was a little absent..Well I honestly was feeling like not having things to say, I passed some odd moments and I needed to straight my plans in the medium so yes, I was in need of some solitude.

Have a great day!!!

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