Sunday, October 10, 2004

The corner. UPL

UPL drew his own portrait Posted by Hello

Hey guys I will start a new section to promote friends from Spain and also people I admire, right here is the latest news of Ponce a nice person btw, He likes to call himself UPL.

So right here is the translation in case someone is over spain on that time.

Next Sunday (October 17,2004) in the spanish city of Alicante, at midday, will be the inaguration of place called de la barraca Xuples or Mames, where is going to be an exposition the next weeks with photography and drawing work done by UPL.
Recognized people from the area will attend the event, and it would be a lunch celebrating the event.

this is UPL`s link has his blog (in spanish)

also another link with work done by UPL (there is only a warning seems there are a lot of pop outs when you open the page, so please be warned that some of you won`t be happy by seeing ad after ad).

El próximo Domingo 17 de Octubre de 2004, en la ciudad Española de Alicante, a las 12 de la mañana, tendrá lugar la inauguración del local de la barraca Xuples o Mames, donde habrá una exposición durante unas semanas con fotografías, en su mayoría realizadas por UPL, junto a varios dibujos del mismo.
Al acto asistirán personajes importantes de las fiestas de la ciudad, y habrá un bonito almuerzo.

Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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