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LA FAMILIA BURRON Gabriel Vargas work.

Familia Burron. Posted by Hello The image is from an original comic I had from them.
I continue with the incredible work of Gabriel Vargas.
In fact the most significative work has been La Familia Burron.
The main characters are Regino (a quasi-portrait of Vargas by itself) and Borola that is the subversive heroine in all the stories done onthe tittle.
The place of interaction is the Barrio or Callejon del Cuajo a place full of marginated people living in the poor suburbs of the city.
The title starts its publication on 1948 in Pepin (a magazine of the line of the Paquitos).The first chapter is called "El señor Burron o vida de perro" (Mr. Burron or dog`s life) that in fact gives the central theme of the series, I still do not why but my mexican culture is full of sorrow and a mixed of irony and joy for living in depresive situations, well the Mexican history speaks by itself.
Into the topic the story is based by Mr. Burron that is having a dominating and bossy wife (Borola Tacuche that was a preppy rich girl who lost her money all of a sudden ), what Vargas has refered is that the characters are based on the family of a friend.
El Señor Burron has a daugther called Macuca and his son Tecojote (Tecojote is a fruit used in a drink "ponche" mostly served at the end of the year).Probably some people can make a relation with the work of Mcmanus but in fact is based mainly in a family strip called Mamerto y sus conocencias (Mamerto and his Knowledge).
The important aspect in the comic is that He smartly used the barrio slang (my mom says that this kind of slang is a result of old Spanish used in the farm and the country, so people settling in big cities started to develop a new way to speak using many of the vocabulary learn in the farm), it is even impossible to translate the work because to give the right word is almost impossible, by translating it it loses part of its magic,this way of speech is very different from the pocho lingo, in fact is a way we speak in Mexico having a lot of connotations, some sexual,some childish, a perfect way to same many things but at the same time nothing.
He never used "albur" that is a way to use doble sense and mostly sexually, in fact the quality in the stories where the funny way to make references to people and events using a very colorful speech, as an example I will mention the word "empacho" ,empacho is the sensation you get after eating something but in big quantities so there is a moment you can not even want to smell that food, or for example "nomas" that is no more,"tantear" that is to try to investigate first before doing something, so you can imagine the complexity of the work of Vargas.
As Vargas defined Regino, Regino is a loser in spanish terms is an "apachurrado" "depresive man" controled by Borolas his wife.
Regino`s profession is to be a hair dresser and always trying to educate Borolas to be the perfect wife but He never did it because Borolas as a free selfish spirit got always in trouble, organizing strikes, marching against injustice, so you can imagine the laughable moments from Familia Burron.
Imagine how hilarious the comic was in 1954 Borolas declare herself "the new mexican star" and became and "ombliguista" a dancer that shows her belly bottom dancing, I guess it was the old stereotype of a stripper of her times, an exotica dancer "exotic dancer" like Tongolele ( an american dancer that made all her career in Mexico).
The comic knew how to adapt to its times in fact is a good gauge of the mexican society.
About Vargas 9 or 8 years ago suffered and embolia but continue writing the scripts of all the comics, many cartoonist work over the years drawing the incredible characters of Vargas and Vargas after retiring won the prize of journalism in 1983.
I guess he died recently but I am not sure......Have a great day!!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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