Sunday, October 17, 2004

Luchador is in works!!

Starting the Luchador!! Posted by Hello

Well this week was horrible in a way, I was expecting some editors to give at least some news on several proposals I have with my great friends Nik and Pedro, so well I kind of thought I won`t wait any longer and start working on the work I have with Nik and Pedro.

So I am starting to work on Luchador! a great story that Nik and I are co-creating.

Well now that I am still recovering from my hands I will devote myself to write the total script translation from English to Spanish of The Luchador!.
I will use some of this time to also write some other pages of Third Death my own creator horror story, it seems everything is working properly but I still need to figure out a nice way to present the main character that comes smooth and simple so people can relate to it.
I am using the week to work on the panels from Luchador!
So expect some behind the scenes of Luchador!.

Have a great day!!...JESUS ANTONIO

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