Saturday, October 16, 2004

The pathetic love story!!

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I am feeling much better from my hand so hopefully tomorrow I am drawign again..I am really happy!!
Today knowing I was not able to use my hands to draw I decided to have my social lost life in first place and I went to a party and ate pozole.
I wanted to call this post as "Mr. wrong-timer" the only hero that is always at the wrong time and the wrong moment, yeah sometimes I feel like it!.
Again I was today in a odd moment it seems I am always called for the wrong times to open my tiny cartoony heart.
Well as many of you might know or not I am keeping busy in real world giving classes of English (pardon me If I get an error as I normally do in my grammar..haha it seems I think faster than I press the keyboard :) .
Well I met this little girl (slim,22 years old,wears glasses and has a beautiful smile).
Well I knew she has a boyfriend (yeah Nik another one!!! :) ), well in fact I never mess with a girl that has another relationship for me it seems is not the right thing to do, so I decided since some months ago not to tell her anything and keep quiet till today....

Why? simple Today She ask me what I was feeling for her?

Because she started to notice some stuff since some time ago, (I also forgot to mention that lately We have been taking the bus together and have some time to talk about well you know nonsense..seems that I am a bit shy so I start laughing from no reason at all of having a odd comment just to avoid awful silent pauses..I hope you get my point).
The point is that I am in the tiny line to decide my feelings, well going back to the story, so you can imagine after her direct question ,it just pull the trigger and I started to talk about it, the funny part is that as she said "We will start trying to know eachother", she asked me also to keep quiet for now because of the other person(I do not understand this part but I respect it).
I only asked her to make up her mind as soon as possible I mean I am not going to date eternally so She can take a decision or line front.

In my case I only hope not to finish heart broken..the funny part is that I am sure I won`t...

Why? I started to understand people moves by different forces , so if She reacts for fear,love, passion or dumbness, I am fine with it, I know I am not responsible for her decision so I am cancelling any harm to myself, I mean, I am not going to change my way of being or do things, I only want to share my path , so If she is there good if not well her loss....

guys If you have a comment please be my guest!!
Have a great day...JESUS ANTONIO

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