Thursday, January 19, 2006

My little Conspiracy XIII. Who killed the Radio?.

After two years of a none-voluntary haitus of 2 years the magazine of Rock, Comics and other herbs :) "Radio Ethiopia" is back. With cover of Nicolas, includes stories from Fritz
comics from Lola Sánchez and Álex Romero, comics and drawings of Bebec Istif, Davín, Francisco, Gato, Gustavo Sala, J. Kalvellido, Juan Carlos Contreras, Mart, Martín Favelis, Pavel Ortega, Pelorroto, Pere Olivé, Rafa Infantes, Rodrigo Terranova, Javier Rovella, Sonia Puga, Antonio S. Alarcón and Patricia Garzón and many more articles and stuff!!
If you are in Spain get this issue Now!!!

Have a great day!!


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