Friday, January 13, 2006


Reading the resolutions from Nik I revisited my work on Rocket Girl One and number Two, and surfing I found a nice review from a guy (thanks in case you are reading this!), and I have only one resolution about Rocket Girl number "3".
I hope to get involved this year by August or June and my only resolution is to get into the whole creative aspect again and control fully the Inking.
On Rocket Girl One I did the designs, the panelings,the penciling and the inking, the whole pack. and I am quite fond of what I accomplished (you are checking one page of that work).
On Rocket Girl Two I decided to rely on an nice inker (Joe Fuentes, btw a great guy and I am sure that He will become a great inker in the short future), well now with all the time that passed I really wished I had taken the chores of the inking, I mean the work is decent and fair but I am sure that If I had done the inking It would have been more personal. I am not talking anything wrong about the inking (You fellas inkers know how much I respect you and in fact I am sure that this year great inker friends are helping me in projects in common), My point about is more about selfishness ....This is our baby (Nik`s and I) and I really want to care about it as I normally do!
So for number 3 I am taking again total reign for the project and I am even thinking eventually to re-visit Rocket Girl 2 and ink it.
And who knows by the time to have the 3 issues in color and the next issues of it!
I haven`t done more work on Luchador! but only because of my timings now but I am about 4o% or 50% done and I am sure this work will take us to big scales and places.
I am proud of being working and creating with Nik.

Take care!



Betz said...

Jesusa!!! Good to hear you are working madly to not die of starvation!! I am proud of the work you do, I know I have never told you that, but it's nice to see someone so passionate about what they do! Take care! Un beso de tu ratita!!

antonio said...

Pinche sabes how the fuck I am missing you.
So this means We are going to be in contact!!! Yayayayayayyyyy!!!!!

Carajo que me has dado la sorpresa de mi vida Ratota kisses and you know where .....
And thanks for the words!!
When are you coming?