Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Sword of Damocles.

Before getting into the topics let me show you the Mastery of Michael Kaluta. He is definitely one of the influences in my work in every aspect He amazes me, and what a better combo to show you a Kaluta`s painting He did for an illustrated Metropolis book.(that I am dying to buy it one day!!).

News my Dad had the job interview and the classical tests of personality and health as the step to be hired by the new job, We still do not know If He is IN but there are many fat chances He will start.
About me well now I am really having a hard time I was told by my friend in the school where I am that I will have only one single class (She is trying to find me more classes..I am sure She will),well that means I have now for sure 130 bucks...per month!!!. (yeah I need to survive with 130 bucks a month is even for me a mistery? )
Btw I got angry the other day because the stupid spokeman from my goverment said that people migrate to other countries specially USA but not because of a lack of jobs, what an imbecile statement, He (the spoke man) considers that a job is a job no matter how low it is, I was also hoping to get a deal with a nice famous wrestler person in my country to control his visual image but because of some misunderstandings specially from the distance (seems that for some people in my country distances in terms of work is a serious matter they do not know how to deal with it) anyway I was hoping to have something solid with this guy (that I have to say He is a great guy and incredible human being) because I was not going to work hard in fact I would use the free time from the classes of English,Residence etc.. to do the work, seems a person in his staff thought I had all the info from him so when I stated that I had zero information They didn`t believe that and I mean I really need the cash but I am not going to worry for something that was not my bad (I only can say good things about these people even with the misunderstanding involved, I have some hope they get interested at the end, I will keep you informed!), and the bad part is that I need money for this hiatus in my comic work and to have time to get done with my studies, Dad says He would help me but c`mon He has enough to worry about himself now so I am just thinking and thinking about what to do. I will figure out something down the road.
Some people might tell me why not to get some comic work load, I would love to... but I have an enormous list of work that I have to draw before getting into a commitment to somebody else and as I said I would love to have Comic work now but I do not have the time, only the time for what I am behind schedule with all my friends and writers and also two companies they offer me something when I have free time, I can only have Cover Work (that is something I am looking now).
And also I continue reading from friends how hard is getting a gig or how easy is to nail one... so to speak, so I am keeping away my comments because I do not want to be read as sour because I am not in fact and I am happy to say that I am more confident of really nailing into the comic medium and in a big way but I only need time.
Anyway thank you so much for reading my stupid venting of today but I just wanted to take this out of my chest and not get it into my stomach.

Update number one!
My cousin just called me from Monterrey and it is expecting a baby so I guess I am going to be an uncle in a doble way (My brother and his wife are expecting too). I am happy indeed..!!

Have a great day !!


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The Old Lady said...

It's good to vent makes you feel better.Congrats to all the soon to be parents.