Friday, January 06, 2006

Stained in Blood.

I do not normally talk about Movies in my country and honestly I do not know why... because Movies from my country specially from the period of 1930 to 1957 was incredible, obviously there are movies from the 60`s and the 70`s that are also good but to be honest probably I do not talk about Movies in Mexico because there is not like a real industry anymore, also many of the greatest mexican movies were lost in burnings or earthquakes and probably 40% of the first movies or cult movies are lost. But it is a promise to start talking about movies from my country for instance. I watched a documentary about a movie I want to watch called "La Mancha de Sangre" directed by ADOLFO BEST MAUGARD, and considered in 1937 like a movie promoting Sin. In fact it was prohibited for decades and now released in some countries like France, They even lost the soundtrack so deaf people were in used to get the pieces without sound, and parts of the movie are missing too.Now it is really naive the movie but changed some aspects of filming specially angles shots from the camera used in that time what is called now a floating camera, also the direction has the Russian Movie School.
Anyway I will try to see If I can go to Cineteca Nacional and ask for the movie.

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