Saturday, January 14, 2006

I love you less and less

Check the video with the skeletons!

Do I have to tell you who they are?

This is a band I like since some time ago. Check the video Martell!

I like also this group. they have a single called
I bet you look good in the dancefloor

This group never lets me down...check Juicebox!

Can someone tell me more about this group?

Writing a lot in a couple of hours!
See ya!!

Hey heads up for this music!
More mellow but nice. Sounds like the UK version of the David Matthews.



sim said...

Good choice of music.

Arctic monkeys especially.
Although i've had it for some time, the album is due out in Febuary. If you like a raw & un-produced sound this stuff is fantastic. The band just trash talking their way about life around sheffield.

What no Kasabian in the above list. After the Monkeys, they had the second best release of last year.

Info on the Pogues, check out anything done by Shane macgowan while he was with the pogues & afterward with the popes.
The pogues still tour as does shane mcgowan, but shane was the heart of the band. He may be the uglies alcoholic in the world but as a song writer is genius.

random blogger

antonio said...

Sim thank you for dropping by and give me the info I was looking about the Pogues....I included Kasabian of course but in another post from the past, I really like the a lot...Also great to hear I am not the only guy who likes this stuff.

Drop here oftenly!!
I hope your spanish becomes stronger with the time!!! Nice blog of yours!!