Monday, January 09, 2006

Calabacitas Tiernas.

Some days ago dropping by the great site of Alberto

(Alberto, tell me If it is okey to link you :) ) and well just every time I visit his site I am totally amused and happy to see the level of work Alberto has and also the great respect Alberto has to the mexican masters like Cabral, well I thought of drawing a Tin Tan and here is my imput.

What I can say about Alberto`s is that his sense of design (Art Deco and cartoon work specially his girls) is Astonishing and He is probably one of those guys who can draw using one single line and suggest an entire piece of art.

Btw to the guys who doesn`t know Tin Tan, well is probably one of the best comedy men from Mexico, so funny and hilarious movies He did.

Enjoy the piece fellas!
Y que viva Mexico ca.......! :)



Process Junkie said...

LOL!! Está pero requete chingón ese Tin-Tan, se parece a Errol Flynn de lo aventurero y espadachin!

En un par de dias me aviento el Cantinflas que te prometí. Que sigas triunfando, pues!

Un Abrazote,

Process Junkie said...

BTW, puedes poner un link cuando quieras. Gracias.


antonio said...

Hey alberto gracias por las palabras coming from you it really means a lot!!
Un abrazote tambien para ti!!
Quize dibujar a Tin Tan en su ropa que uso en la pelicula La marca del Zorrillo.
And thanks for the permit!!

I am eager to see you Cantinflas!!!