Friday, January 20, 2006

Oh My God I wanna puke my guts out!!

Well I have sent the NEW strip of Bodoque what it means that I am showing here the OLD one.

You already know that the new strip will be shown next SUNDAY
Here!!!! !!

CHECK Bodoque drawn and written by truly yours.And the work of the great spaniard creators over the link..I am and I still honored to be among them every week.

This is the Cover showing Bodoque as the new Hero Mexico was in need called Sr. Blue and his sidekick Capuchitas Vs The Mataviejitas.
Enjoy the first 2 pages of the story next Sunday!!

In another matter:
World is becoming Wacko!!!
I have seen the video of Prince called Te Amo what is wrong with that? That is directed..Yes!! you heard well directed by Salma Hayek.
Who told her She is a director, hahahahahah I was about to laugh harder about the camera shots and angles and some of the props She used over the video, damn!!!! Can nobody see She is just selling a cheap image of what Mexican culture really is?

Oh My Good that is not even close to representing out roots!!
Btw the photography is really good that is the only good thing from the video, about the comments. Prince is just being Prince.

The Wacko in this story is not Prince is The director!!!
I have heard so many times friends loving the Movie Frida done by Salma, but to be honest Salma is only presenting 2o% of all the beauty and Culture from that period, it is just a mere parody of what those years of Diego Rivera, Dr.Atl, Siqueiros even Frida were.

Have a great day Baby!


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