Friday, January 13, 2006

My ears are bleeding...bleeding in shining colors.

I have some recommendations this time about music.
I am really digging the work Goldfrapp and Fisherspooner are doing.
About Goldfrapp I am loving the way they handle art so retro.

Wondy let me know When the new album of Portishead is available. Please!!!

I found out that the new album of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is done and will be released in some months, also Karen O will have her own album as soon as She starts touring (I love her, I find her extremely hot I mean If you have seen how she handles the microphones you might love her immediately :) )
Also the New single of Richard Ashcroft is showcased tomorrow.

I found some groups I am liking now.
Editors with the single Munich

Los abandoned are having some showcases in Mexico and are about to finisht their album!

Have a great day !


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